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Long time, no post…..

Lately i have been slammed with work. From a base chemical exercise, to working my photojob, i haven’t had to shoot, work on my car or anything really. But i have been doing alot of camera gear swapping around.

I bought a 24-70 for a great price
bought a 70-200 2.8 after i sold my f/4…plan to run a 1.4x on the track to get the reach i want.

But i think the most important thing i have done, is realize the 5dmk2 isnt really what i need. Sure i want it, but i dont need it. So i have decided to put it up for trade for something i really can use, a 1dmk3. No real need to have 20MP…or video. Sure they are both super cool. But if the pros can do what they need with a 1dmk3, then by god so can i. Besides, who wants 3k in body and lens hanging off a car drifting at 100+ KPH. not this guy.

oh yeah, and im 24 officially.


February 8, 2009 - Posted by | 1

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