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A little about me

I am a 23 year old USAF Jet engine mechanic. I have been working on cars in some form or other since I was 16. I am no expert in any single thing, but well rounded with a specialty in suspension and wheel fitment. I have a tendency to like Nissan more than others, but have no predisposition to a certain maker. I appreciate everything from wild VIP cars, to drift cars, to a clean Honda.

I also love photography. I started a few years back with a Canon S2 IS. I was deployed in Africa, and a friend had a decent camera, with manual adjustments and i got to play with it, after that it was all over. Just being able to see what i could do with photos blew my mind and i got more and more into it. So i bought hte S2, then a year later a Rebel Xt, and slowly moved up from there to today where i have a 5dMk2 on the way, a paying second job taking photos for USAF Marketing at Yokota as an after hours second job. I love it and hope i can crosstrain into Public Affairs and make photography a main career while in the air force.

How you can contact/find me:

  • Zilvia-Yokotas13
  • VIPStyleCars-YokotaS13
  • ViolentRunningTribe-Wagonofdoom
  • Nico-yokota180sx
  • Zeroyon-Balling
  • Importatlanta-yokotas13
  • JKforums-wagonofdoom
  • Nasioc-tsispyder97
  • DSMTuners-tsispyder97
  • MacRumors-Wagonofdoom
  • Gunemdown- Balling

Messenger service

  • AIM- Tsispyder97
  • Yahoo- JDMisghey
  • MSN-
  • Skype- Wagonofdoom

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  1. You forgot to list

    ClubLexus – Balling and
    VSC – yokotas13


    Comment by Dirty Octopus | January 21, 2009

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