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1dMK3 goodness

It came in the mail a few days ago. I traded the 5dmk2 for a submirror fixed, extended canon warranty 1d Mark III. Best thing ive done in my photography career. The AF tracking is rediculous, and if i had the reach, id post the picture i took today of birds in flight. super small birds, flying really fast, and not one picture out of focus. I worried when i did hte trade that i would have AF tracking problems like so many people i hear about, but thank god this is a good camera. I have no regrets at all. I mean even picture size out of camera is big enough to print a poster….36×72 inches at 10MP JPEG file. If that isnt big enough for anyone..i feel sorry for them. an 8×10 print is going to be NO problem. So why did i buy the mark2 in the first place? I wanted it. While i wanted it, it was not what i NEEDED for my business. I found after a few weeks of using it, that the 5dMk2 is a studio camera. It works great at 100 iso, great light, and on still figures. But take it out in the real world…and things change. High iso leads to banding (on my copy), af is unbearably slow, and 20mp is overkill fo sho. The video is mediocre since you cant really control…..anything.

so we are back to today. I hiked through 6 ft brush to get to the side of a river to try and take soem pictures of Cranes i see every day as i drive over the bridge. No luck. But it is ok. I got to take alot of pictures of cranes in flight, and while my lowely 70-200 is not NEAR enough reach, it was a fun experience. I saw how fast my AF tracked the small item in the viewfinder with no back or front focusing along the way. superbly performed under these circumstances.

So what is in store for this weekend? I have a BMX photoshoot that will hopefully happen this weekend. I now have a set of impact stands, umbrellas, and brackes to mount my two 430EX, and the 580EX on camera to control it. hopefully it will happen, and i can post up some stuff for you guys to see.

that is it for now. nothing much else to say!


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Pic feature!

This is my second picture feature either online, or in print. first one was a picture from a performance on base for a paper called “Stars and Stripes”. i have about 10 of them sitting in my house lol.
link to page


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Fire on base!

last night around 6pm, apparently a fire started in a structure right behind my work that was built in 1945. Went up in flames, and 24 hours later (time of my photos basically) they are still sifting through putting out embers. It was crazy. I just wish i was there for the actual fire, instead of just some smoke. would have made for much better pictures.

and i couldnt help at this poor soul. using an on camera flash, in the day…so sad.

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The little things in life.

I must say, I do believe i am changing in some way. I am taking more time to do things i want to do, instead of what i have to do. Less of “it has to be done today” and more of, maybe later (not so much work, but things like my car, and stuff like that). Ive been spending much of my 3 years so far in japan balls out building cars. Im sure most of you that are reading this have seen them sometime or another, and if you haven’t, check out the flickr. Regardless, i have been reading Photography on the net much much more, and came across this thread…..Lighting thread and was inspired. I began building a softbox, got about half way done and started playing with it. I still dont have lights. I was only using the overhead light and an apollo diffuser on my 430ex. pictures are mediocre, but i dont care! I had fun with my birds, learned a bit about lighting, and above all….I had fun. Isn’t that what hobbies are all about? Food for thought for everything that gets stressed out over cars not working, pictures not turning out right, or anything else that can (and will) go wrong. Take life and roll with it.


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Canon 5d mark 2…..mine.

I finally found it in stock. I had it on order for about a week through an online store, but then i went looking a little loser to home. A few stores had the camera in excess of 3,000.00 (after yen to dollar conversion), but i decided to check Kitamura’s website. I couldnt believe what my eyes were telling me! They had it on sale for 250,000ish yen, which at 90 to 1 was like 2770 ish! Ebay has em for 2799 pus shipping, and they are only about a hundred less on B&H. So i decided to go for it, and let me tell you i am HAPPY about it!. Photo quality is awesome, and video is equally as cool. When i first heard about it, i thought it was a total novelty, but not anymore. AWESOME.

anyways, here are a few sample pics from today, and a Vimeo link to the HD video i made.

pics i took today

more on my flickr of course!

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